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UK Playtech Casinos listed below accept play in British Pounds unless the £ symbol is not showing,
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UK Playtech Casinos - Playtech designs, develops and deploys unified gaming platforms for the online gaming industry. Playtech was founded in 1999 by a team of ecommerce entrepreneurs and multimedia specialists, and guided by seasoned land based operators, Playtech today has over 170 employees distributed globally, around two-thirds of whom are engaged in research and development of current and future gaming technologies.

The success of the company's initial product offering - online casino software - led Playtech to expand its range to include Live Gaming, bingo and soon-to-be-released poker and games of skill, and to develop a universal platform into which these gaming activities could be freely incorporated, accessed and managed as stand-alone, plug-and-play applications.


Technology - Playtech has earned broad recognition for its innovations in gaming technology and is credited with the introduction of many industry firsts: from real-time game and transaction histories, V.I.P. rating and a Comp Points scheme to groundbreaking fraud prevention and player retention tools; from live human dealers in the Live Gaming concept to progressive games featuring interactive, animated bonus stages, real-time and online contact between players and customer service personnel.

William Hill Casino

William Hill
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Casino Las Vegas UK

Casino Las Vegas
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Security - Playtech's gaming software carries an official Certificate of Evaluation from BMM International, a respected Accredited Testing Facility and principal consultants to major gaming and wagering regulatory bodies, manufacturers, casinos and gambling operators throughout US, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

Bingo - Is a popular game enjoyed by millions across the world, bingo has and still is taking the online gaming world by storm both in terms of popularity and revenue potential. Playtech's bingo product preserves the unique community dynamic of the game whilst harnessing the power of large, distributed networks to create one giant game with greater card turnover, bigger prizes and bigger profits.

Playtech's iteration of this age-old community based game features many user-friendly innovations, including: a "quick buy" interface that allows the player to purchase additional bingo cards on the fly • pop-up schedules of upcoming games • enhanced chat featuring private chat rooms and emotions • real time online help • game histories including all previously selected numbers • customizable daubers and game settings • scratch cards • embedded slots • embedded progressive games.

Poker - Playtech's Poker product is the first on the market to combine both viewing modes in a single application: players can choose between the pro-oriented 2D 'birds eye' top view or a 3D lateral view featuring a range of animated avatars, each with their own character-true expressions. For the competition minded, a choice of expertly designed and managed tournaments are available, catering to users of all levels. These include knockout, addon/rebuy and multi-table tournaments, 'tournaments by request' - where players can reserve tables for private games with their friends - and 1-on-1 game options. Other poker highlights are an exclusive full-screen viewing mode, multiple table gameplay, a wide range of game types (Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Pot Limit, No Limit and more), and optional embedded side games like Blackjack, Video Poker and Progressive Bonus Stage Slots.

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